Mount Hawke Academy

Curriculum Statement

Please find below the Curriculum Statement for our school. This outlines our aims, the philosophy behind what we teach and the opportunities we aim to provide for your children. 
For details on the topics taught in each year group and schemes used to support our teaching, please refer to the class pages on this website. 
Mount Hawke Academy Curriculum Statement
At Mount Hawke Academy we aim to offer a broad, balanced, imaginative and engaging curriculum, which stimulates children to learn. The children at our school are valued as individuals and are encouraged to discover and grow together. 
We provide the very best learning opportunities by offering experiences that are enriching and enjoyable, whilst promoting self esteem and respect for others. 
Our aim is to provide the children with skills and knowledge that will enable them to play their part as proficient students, lifelong learners and successful members of society. 
Our Curriculum
The National Curriculum 2014 sets out what children should be taught. Attainment targets set out the expected standards of pupils’ performance, and schools may choose how they organise their school curriculum to cover the programmes of study from year one to year six. Children in their reception year follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. 
As an Academy School, we have taken full advantage of the curriculum freedoms offered to us.
We also ensure that we meet any legal requirements placed on us under the terms of the current National Curriculum, and take any elements from it which we feel are beneficial to the learning needs of our children. This may include specific content such as topics, or simply key learning objectives.
The result is a rich and varied curriculum which provides daily teaching and learning of English and Mathematics, but also includes provision for the delivery of Science, Physical Education, ICT, Art and Design, Design Technology, Geography, History, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and PSHE. This is done through a wide range of topics over the different year groups. 
We have a specialist instructor to support the teaching of physical education. All subject leaders are given training and opportunity to keep developing their own subject knowledge, skills and understanding so they can support curriculum development and their colleagues throughout the school. Themed weeks, whole school activities and opportunities within and outside school all enrich and develop the children’s learning. After school clubs and events extend these opportunities further. Additional whole school programmes and approaches support quality teaching and learning and the school is well resourced in terms of learning materials, books and technology.   The outdoor environment and the local community are considered an opportunity for active learning for all our pupils. The school grounds have been developed so they can enrich different curriculum areas, particularly science.    
Pupils have opportunities to share their learning with each other, their parents and carers and other learners through school-based and external exhibitions, performances, competitions and events involving other schools. Developing their independence and motivation as learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens is at the heart of all our teaching and learning.   
Members of staff meet regularly to share ideas and analyse data, in order to establish areas of strength and development; as a result, we are able to offer a curriculum which is appropriate and relevant to the needs of our children.  
This includes introducing intervention programmes to provide targeted support, as well as offering challenges and opportunities for our gifted and talented children.
Our team of dedicated, enthusiastic teaching staff is devoted to delivering high quality teaching and learning. In doing so, they are well supported by an experienced and motivated team of support staff, who are committed to providing the best opportunities and guidance for the children they work with. 
Our Curriculum aims to:
  • Develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning.
  • Embed skills to prepare children for further learning and productive adulthood. 
  • Take learning beyond the classroom.
  • Develop children to become reflective learners who have a sense of responsibility for their own learning and development. 
  • Build confidence and motivation within our children.
  • Grow children who understand the importance of perseverance, resilience and tolerance, with high expectations and self belief to fulfil their potential. 
  • Enable children to use their acquired skills and knowledge to observe, question and think.
  • Learn to value others, their views, cultures and beliefs.